Oldest 4th of July Parade West of Mississippi  LbNA # 54024

OwnerDaisy Poo    
Placed DateJun 18 2010
LocationRound Top, TX
Found By Chrivid
Last Found Jan 31 2015
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This letterbox was placed to commemorate the...
“Oldest 4th of July Parade West of the Mississippi”
Neither my husband or I are from around these parts. We were married on the 4th of July and there is no other place we would rather be than right here in Round Top, Texas on the 4th of July!

If you decide to take part in this age old tradition; this year will mark the 160th year. You will want to be at the grandstand before 10:00. Many politicians around the area are here doing some politicin’! You might see a congressional candidate, a county commissioner or even the local dog catcher. Well, maybe not the dog catcher, but there is an array of folks giving some good ol’ fashion campaigning for their desired office. This year Texas's own govenor, Rick Perry will be joining the line up! Just before the parade begins the cannon is fired. COVER YOUR EARS! This cannon began the parade for the early German settlers who started this celebration in 1851 upon arriving in Round Top. In 1889 John George Kaiser was inspecting this cannon when it did not fire. While looking at it, the cannon exploded. Unfortunately, Mr. Kaiser died several days later. In 1975 the cannon fragments were collected and the cannon was rebuilt.

The parade is unlike any you have, or will ever see! You might think you have stepped 50 or 60 years back in time. We like to say, “It is good old fashion patriotism at its best!” Oh yes, bring a bag for candy. Your candy jar will not need to filled until... Halloween? Christmas?

After the parade make sure you head over to the Round Top Rifle Association Hall. In 1873, the Round Top Rifle Association was formed. German settlers organized it to help each other learn sportsmanship and outdoor skills. Originally it was called by its German name, "Round Top Schuetzen Verein,” It is here you will have an unforgettable BBQ lunch. Desserts are homemade by the local ladies and can be purchased for .50 each. Or head to Royer’s, one of our favorite restaurants. Bud and his family make delicious pies for eating in, taking out or mail order. It is directly across the street from this letterbox.

Clues to this letterbox:

Hwy. 290 is the main hwy that connects Houston and Austin. About 20 miles west of Brenham, head south on Hwy. 237 for about 8 miles. Find the town square at the corner of hwy. 237 and Main St. from this corner take 25 paces, passing the cannon on your right side, to the grandstand. The letterbox is located under the first step on the right side. After logging in be sure to replace the letterbox in the exact spot with the rock on top. Congratulations!