Round Top Summer Library Program  LbNA # 54028

OwnerDaisy Poo    
Placed DateJun 18 2010
LocationRound Top, TX
Found By Chrivid
Last Found Jan 31 2015
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Round Top Summer Library Program

This had to be one of the most delightful letterbox finds I have ever sought out. A friend who had caught the letterbox bug soon after we started told me I had to see the letterbox at the Round Top library. Now, my family spends a lot of time in Round Top, picnicking at Festival Hill, eating in the unique restaurants, and of course the 4th of July parade. But never had I known there to be a library. When we drove down the street and saw this structure we were in awe! How could we have not known about this beautiful place! The library was closed during our visit, but my husband was persistent and found an open door! The head librarian was there and so happy we had stopped in. By the time we left I had my daughter and I signed up to so a few summer programs at the library. One of them being a letterboxing program. Funny, but I never did find that letterbox till the third visit! So, this letterbox is dedicated to the most wonderful library and folks who work so hard to make it just that.

This family library was formerly the Hope Lutheran Church, a historic gothic building first constructed in 1925. Somewhere around 2000 it was rediscovered. As it sat in the middle of a pasture its only use at the time was for storing hay. A generous gift from Sterling and Marianne McCall allowed this old church to be dismantled and moved in seven pieces from Milam county to Round Top and then immaculately restored. When you enter this building you will see the walls and ceiling are lined with the original tin. It is said that the tin was preserved because of the hay that was stored on the inside while it sat unused in the pasture.
One can tell that many of the Round Top residents love their library. You will need to stop in for a visit to know why! While you are there go upstairs to rummage through the book sale. Also, bring a picnic lunch. There is a year round well-manicured garden with playground equipment. If you are thinking it is too hot, just turn on the fans in the covered pavilion. If you think it is getting too dark, just turn the timer on and you will have lights.

Hwy. 290 is the main hwy. that connects Houston and Austin. About 20 miles west of Brenham head south on hwy. 237 for about 8 miles. When you enter the town of Round Top turn right on Mill Street. Go two blks. The library will be on your left. Park in the parking lot and walk along the right side of the building to the activity center. Sit on the bench that is on the front porch to observe the beauty of this place. Then walk to the old well. Walk to the tree on the left and then count the roots from that spot in a clockwise direction. The letterbox is hidden between and underneath the fourth and fifth root. Be sure to return it the special way that you found it. Congratulation!