Bay Bridge Landing (Reported Missing)  LbNA # 5403 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2003
LocationBrunswick, ME
Found By AnglzOfMyHrt
Last Found Nov 5 2006
Hike Distance?

If you're headed up the coast on Route 1, just take a short hop out of your way and you'll be introduced to an obscure, yet delightful, little reclaimed wetlands on the shores of the Androscoggin.

Driving Directions:
In between Brunswick and Bath is the exit for Cook's Corner. Get off there and turn left at the light. Go through the light at Wal-Mart, and turn left at the next light onto Old Bath Rd. A bit more than two miles up, turn left onto Driscoll Rd. At the end of Driscoll is a stop sign--you'll see CJ's Variety Store on the corner--turn left. Follow this road straight down to the very end and park in the dirt parking area, near the Bay Bridge Landing sign (which, in the winter, may have a blue tarp over it).

Time to get out and walk:
It's a small loop around. Start at the entrance near the building. In fact, look up--you will see a big nest atop a pole. I won't tell you who nests there... But as long as they're not in Florida (during the winter of course!), you will probably see the feathered family. If you don't see them right off, chances are one parent could be watching you from the huge pines behind the building.
Pass under the nest and continue down the path. Spring and summer are alive with sights and sounds--warblers, gulls, ducks, chickadees, kingfishers, bullfrogs... You walk through many varieties of foliage too. There are two little wooden bridges to cross. Read about the bridge that used to span the river. Then go about 20 paces back to some rocks. Bend down for a view of the river and look for the box. You can go to the nearby bench overlooking the river to do your stamping.

Continue on and you are back in the parking area. If you have time, walk down the stone jetty--for an even better view of the river. The jetty used to connect with the one on the opposite side, as you will see.
I hope you enjoy this little side trip off Route 1 in Maine.