Patriots to the End  LbNA # 54033

OwnerBachs' Boxes    
Placed DateJun 7 2010
LocationCharleston, SC
Found By Hound Dawgs
Last Found Jul 27 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 18 2015

“Patriots to the End”

Your first stop will be at the feet of the our First President. He resides near the Four Corners of Law. Also in this area is the Charleston City Hall building. In the basement is a restroom and some interesting historical artifacts, if you have time to stop.

Exit the President’s Park by the North Gate and head East on the Cobblestone St. You will pass the “Friendly Germans” and continue for about 1/8 mile and turn left on the “Street of Bells.” Follow this street past the newly renovated “Dock Street Theatre.” Take a minute to step in out of the heat and look around at the beautifully restored theatre. Then, continue North past the Huguenot Church and turn right on Her Majesties Street.

A few hundred feet down, you will turn left into a “Pennsylvania” Alley beside the Footlight Players Theatre.

You will go abougt 150 yards to a Playground Gate on your left. You will enter into the yard where you will see the steeple of St. Phillips to your front left. Go toward the steeple and enter the “Garden Gate.” You will circle around the church to the left. Take time to explore some of the interesting memorial stones imbedded in the walk. You will exit through the black Gate.

Cross the street and enter the West Cemetery (established 1680). Follow the path forward and go right at the turn. Pass the earthly residence of John and Linnie Calhoun and continue north to the “Sacred” cross. Turn around and face east toward the Cathedral.

This box “rests” straight ahead. It is on the right hand side behind the stone for Nathaniel and Elizabeth Lebby.

After placing this box, I wanted to learn more about these “Patriots,” so I looked them up. Nathaniel was one of the original “Liberty Tree” members. He was eventually imprisoned on the British prison ship Torbay for his part in the rebellion against the Stamp Act.

For an additional treasure hunt, you can go on to the Liberty Tree site (the tree was burned by the British). There is a bronze tablet near number 80 Alexander St.. This is located one block west of, and parallel with, East Bay St. and is between Calhoun and Charlotte Streets.