Father's Day  LbNA # 54073

Placed DateJun 20 2010
LocationLouisiana, MO
Found By Dr.Love
Last Found Jun 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Happy Father's Day 2010

This is my dad and I's very first letterbox. Bring your own ink!

In Louisiana, MO is a letterbox hidden around the intersection of Georgia St and Hwy NN. Developers of the Red Delicious Apple, the Stark family used to live in this historic structure. Although it has been moved from its original location, this cabin looks pristine complete with well and chimney. On the southeast corner of the cabin you will notice a guardian stone hiding our box. It is now a micro box because our bigger box got lost sometime between 2011-2012. The letterbox is now a small circular container pushed into the ground under a guardian stone. Please take your time and return the box to this configuration.

We check our letterboxs every Father's Day to see all the wonderful people who came to find our box. Please re-hide the box after stamping so it cannot be seen. If you are new to letterboxing try becoming a member of atlasquest where you can check off the various boxes you find online.

Other fun letterboxes we enjoyed in the area are Eagle Views and Happy Bunny so why not make a day of it!