Bright Idea Limpy Creek  LbNA # 54128 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2010
LocationGrants Pass, OR
Found By feeling froggy :)
Last Found Feb 5 2011
Hike Distance?

This box had an interesting beginning, let me tell you the story.
About a year and a half ago (beginning of 2009) I planted a box(Twilight at Limpy Creek) at this exact location, all was well for about three months then I got an email saying the box was gone. I headed right out and sure enough it was not in its spot. I looked all around in case someone tossed it...nothing. I was really bummed out I had worked really hard on the stamps, so I came home and removed it from the sites. And that was that, I thought.
Yesterday my husband and I took a walk at Limpy Creek for my birthday, when we got to the waterfall bench I pointed to the spot and told him that this was where I had planted my box and it was gone. As he stood facing me he looked over my shoulder at the bank behind the bench and said, "well there's a box right behind you". I turned and just could not believe was my box, after a year and three months there it was...just sitting there in plain sight.
When I opened it I found that my book was now full of enteries, right to the back page, people had been using it as a journal. Some were there on a spirtual journey, others had been on class trips, one was getting married there, lots of pot smokers, but mostly people just shared the beauty they found in this location. Several also had left stuff in the box like sayings, picks, tea bags, bracelets, gum and a quarter from 1965...the year I was born. I thought this was the best gift I had gotten for my birthday in years and decides to try it again with a new book and ne stamp.

From Grants Pass you will want to take Hwy 199 (Redwood Hwy) towards the coast.
About five miles out of town you will pass over the Applegate River, right after that you will come to Riverbanks Rd. turn right.
Travel about four miles to Limpy Creek Road, turn left up a very steep hill, follow it.
Towards the end it will become a single lane road just keep going until you see the Limpy Creek trail head, park here.
Take the trail, it is a one mile loop, go to the left and just follow the main trail.
At about half way you will come to a wonderful place at the base of a waterfall with a bench.
Look right behind the bench on the bank, it should be there in plain sight.
This is my Bright Idea, I hope everyone will enjoy the box, the location, and share in the journal.
And please place it back behind the bench but don't cover it, if someone is looking I want them to find it.