Robot Invasion #1: 3 Laws  LbNA # 54130

Placed DateJun 23 2010
LocationPortland, OR
Found By KuKu
Last Found Oct 30 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 27 2015

Box re-planted in more secure location--be sure to reprint clues before you go!

Robots are invading! These famous robots must be diligently hunted down and "stamped" out!

This robot is the first in the series, others to be planted over the summer--stay tuned!

Tryon State Park is a beautiful retreat filled with well-maintained trails. There is a water bowl by the Nature Center for your pup, and until they get steep close to the bridges, many of the trails are stroller and wheelchair friendly. I highly recommend printing a trail map from their web site.

To vanquish the first invader, begin at the Nature Center and head south on the Old Main Trail. You'll eventually see a sign for the Big Fir Trail. Keep going until you see a second sign for Big Fir Trail, and head right. Very soon, take a left at Middle Creek trail. Head down toward Beaver Bridge. Just before the bridge is a set of stairs. Stop on the top step and turn around. Take 20 paces, and look left. The invader is behind that big tree there, under loam and log bits.