Robot Invasion #2: Klaatu barada nikto!  LbNA # 54146

Placed DateJun 24 2010
LocationFairview, OR
Found By Timm-ber Trail
Last Found May 21 2011
Hike Distance?

**6/25/10: There was an error in the clue--be sure to re-print before you go!**

I spent a lot of time at Blue Lake Park as a child, swimming in the lake and listening to obscure country acts (Walt Rogers Four, anyone?). The park is beautifully groomed, and even if the main area is packed with people, you'll find the east paths deserted and lovely. One flaw: you cannot bring your pup.

Park in the west lot--this is the main lot by the splash pad, swimming, etc. Make your way to the sidewalk and head west. This paved path will whisk you away to the far reaches of the park, away from bathing beauties and splashing munchkins. Ignore all non-paved paths. When the path forks, go left.

The next fork isn't really a fork, but I do recommend veering to the right to sit and watch the pond. Last time I was there, I got to watch a baby nutria munching on lily pads! Once you have your critter fix, go on back and continue on the path.

You will pass through a mini sculpture garden, which includes two lovely modern totem poles. Swoop around the end of the pond--careful, there's a big muddy spot here! Also, see those rocks to your right on the incline? Pass carefully, they surround the den of a darling little skunk!

Cross the bridge, almost there! Just past the bridge, the path veers left. When it straightens, look for a fallen log (though it's still kind of attached to its trunk) to your left, several paces off the path. The invader is behind and under.