Summer Ice Cream  LbNA # 54188

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateJun 27 2010
LocationRanchester, WY
Found By Juergens
Last Found Jun 13 2014
Hike Distance?

**July 2014. Ice Cream stand has closed making it a little harder to identify, but box should still be there until I can decide what to do with it!**

This letterbox was made by my daughter, who is 6. One of her favorite places to go in the summer is the small ice cream shop in Ranchester, and she begs to go there every night. She made the stamp and clues for this box and would appreciate any updates you might have on her box.

The ice cream shop is open in the summer (generally June-late August), Mon-Sat. 12-7 and Sun 12-6. This box will be at the ice cream shop all year so you can still find it if the business is closed. Also, driving through Ranchester and then over the Bighorns is one possible route to Yellowstone, depending on where you're coming from.

There has been a little confusion on the location of the "cooler" that the clues mention. This winter there has been a white cooler that has been out on the wooden walkway - that is NOT the cooler you're looking for! The cooler the clues are referring to is inside the ice cream shop, visible through the windows when they are open. This cooler is located on the left wall of the ice cream shop facing it from the front.

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