Brownfield Bog Cattails  LbNA # 5420 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerbird lovers    
Placed DateAug 28 2003
LocationFryeburg, ME
Found By Oceanwytch
Last Found May 14 2005
Hike Distance?

08/14/06 - This box has apparently disappeared -- sorry!

The Brownfield Bog Wildlife Management Area features woodlands, wetlands, and a great view of Pleasant Mountain. It offers canoeing, hunting, camping and bird watching. The bog is also home to lots of mosquitos, so come prepared. Because they were particularly bad on the day we arrived, the box is quite close to the parking area!

Coming from Fryeburg, take Rt. 113 South toward Brownfield. Turn left on Rt. 160, heading towards Denmark. After about 1-1/2 miles, turn left onto Lord Hill Rd (dirt). The first drive on the left goes back to the bog, although it looks just like the private drive next to it (by the house with the barn).

Continue past any dwellings, and travel over the 'pipe' bridge. Pull into the parking area by the small white structure. There's a brown and yellow "Area Regulations" sign (although it was empty on our visit).

With your back to the small white building, facing the bog, take the trail straight ahead. You'll pass a large oak tree on your left, with some strands of barbed wire around it.

Just before you reach the bog, there will be two rocks on your left. Look under the smaller rock for the letterbox.