Seal With a Kiss  LbNA # 54221

Placed DateJun 26 2010
LocationFremont, OH
Found By mdwalsh19
Last Found Feb 23 2012
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Seal With a Kiss

The Mull Covered Bridge was built in 1851 by the Henry Mull family to allow safe passage across Wolf Creek and easy access for trade at the Mull Mill. The bridge was open to the public until 1962 when the road was diverted and a new bridge was constructed. The Mull Covered Bridge was then listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Perhaps more interesting than the history, is the local legend that claims that if you kiss your loved one on the bridge, you will insure a long and loving relationship. Therefore, it is important to search for this letterbox with your loved one.

The bridge is located southwest of Fremont, Ohio. To get there; take State Route 53 South to Township Road 9. Twp. Rd. 9 is located directly across from Hill Cemetery just South of Wolf Creek Park. Turn West on Twp. Rd. 9. When you get to Wolf Creek, the Mull Covered Bridge is on your left.

Park in the gravel lot at the west end of the bridge. Climb up to the bridge and walk to the center of it. Give your partner a kiss and begin to walk back the way you entered. Take the time to notice the many couples who have left their marks on the walls of the bridge. Back at entrance you will find a support pillar on your left as you exit with the names Ken & Dorothy carved into it. You will find this letterbox nestled in behind the been setting on the cross beem. You can't see and will have to reach behind the support to feel for it.

When you replace the letterbox, please be careful to place it directly behind the beem so it can't be seen by anyone walking on the bridge and exploring the bridge.