Robot Invasion #3: DON'T PANIC!  LbNA # 54226

Placed DateJun 30 2010
LocationGresham, OR
Found ByBookworm (WA)
Last UpdateAug 24 2011
Hike Distance?

Robots are invading! These famous robots must be diligently hunted down and "stamped" out!

This robot is the third in the series, others to be planted over the summer--stay tuned!

Make your way to Butler Creek Park in Gresham. Park on 27th, and take the paved path into the park. Clues:
Left past the chin-up bars
Right just past the bridge
Climb the roots for a pretty view
Go back to the roots and look behind the first log on your right to find the invader.

BE STEALTHY! Up there across the creek behind you is a well-traveled path, and you are visible from it. Re-hide well with plenty of mulch.



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