Lady Liberty (OH)  LbNA # 54229

Placed DateJun 30 2010
LocationBeavercreek, OH
Found By Momentary Paws 2.0
Last Found Jul 4 2014
Hike Distance?

This box is located in yratoR kraP. This park is a great place to view Beavercreek's 4th of July fireworks!

Park your car in the first lot to your right. Walk to the flagpole you passed when entering the park. Stand with your back to the flagpole and with the large evergreen tree to your left. Look across the street and you will see a park sign that marks the beginning of a trail. (This sign welcomes you to the park and has some park rules on it.) Follow this trail into the woods until you come to a Y in the path. Take the path on the left. As you continue along the trail, there will be 2 trails going off to the right. The 2nd trail to the right will be at the top of a small hill. Go 2 paces past this 2nd trail and look to your left. Look for a large tree along the fence line. At its base of the tree, in between the tree and the fence lies the letterbox covered in bark. Be sure to recover well.

There is a Letterboxing Trading Card for the first to find.