Arrowhead Park  LbNA # 54247

OwnerMonarch Mavens    
Placed DateJul 2 2010
LocationSioux Falls, SD
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 21 2013
Hike Distance?

In the 1880’s, a pink/red stone called quartzite or jaspar was quarried east of Sioux Falls. This park area was the site of those quarries. This quarried stone was used for buildings and paving. Drive on Phillips and Main Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls and you will see buildings still in use in which the red/pink quarry stone was used. Visit Falls Park and you will see another outcropping of this particular quartzite. In the recent years, Dale Weir donated the land to the city for use as a nature preservation and appreciation area. After you find your treasure, take some of the trails over the open country and past the quarries themselves. The name Arrowhead comes from the shape of quarries (now filled with water) when seen from above.

Traveling east on South Dakota Highway 42, go 2.2 miles east of the Wal Mart store. Look for signs for Arrowhead Park. Follow those signs to the first parking lot of the park. It is also the water fowl feeding area. The trails are paved. Start of the trail and turn left almost immediately unto the red paved path. Follow that path until you get to the second sign that says Quarry Stairstep Path. At the second sign, turn on to that path and immediately start looking at the ground to your right near small trees/shrubs. Near that tree are three low boulders stuck in the ground. The topmost boulder is the one you need. It sticks up in the air a little. Below it you will find some smaller pieces of the quartzite. Remove them and behind it will be what you are searching for. PLEASE PACK THE BAG TIGHTLY AGAIN AND PLACE THE BOULDERS SO THE CONTAINER CANNOT BE SEEN FROM THE TRAILS AND DOES NOT WASH DOWN THE HILL.