Lillian Kellman Nature Reserve Butterfly Box  LbNA # 54248 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Monkey Team    
Placed DateJul 1 2010
LocationMurrysville, PA
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Located in the Lillian Kellman Nature Reserve

*Parts of this trail are steep and overgrown. My 6 & 9 year old managed fine but it is not always a simple walk. Please remember to take a trail map before you depart because this trail connects to trails in the other parts of the reserve and you will need the map to help you get back to your car after you find the box.*

Drive to the Nature Reserve entrance located on Evergreen Drive. Park and take the trail on the right.

When you get to the first trail intersection, stay straight and follow the trail down the hill.

Continue for several minutes, crossing over a fallen tree. Continue for several more minutes.

At the next trail intersection, take the path on the right.

Cross the wooden bridge.

Follow the path up the hill. Don't get sidetracked by the deer paths!

Look for a fallen tree on your right. The box is hidden under this tree.

*To return to the correct trail, backtrack over the wooden bridge, up to the intersection and turn right. Follow this trail back up the hill to the former Kellman homestead. The trail opens up here and is easier to follow - just watch for the yellow blazes on the trees.*