Odie's Dream  LbNA # 5427 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 23 2002
CountyPrince William
LocationWoodbridge, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Nov 25 2008
Hike Distance?

Veteran’s Memorial Park
Woodbridge, VA
Easy walk-great for kids.
Placed by The Knights of Columbo 10/23/02

*note-didn’t trim as much of the eraser as I should have so you may want to ink only the carved area. First stamp attempt dedicated to our new dog Odie.

Confirmed still there July 2006

Park in the small parking area near the skate ramp. It will be the second parking area on the left. The trail entrance you want is just across the street. Pretty busy park even in the colder months so please be careful stamping in! Also the trail tends to flood a little right after a heavy rain.

Walk along the trail and enjoy watching the heron in the wetlands.
Pass the bench dedicated to Ribbon and her owner. Go over the first bridge. Shortly after the second bridge, which is starting to sink,
you'll see a vague trail into a wooded area to the left off the main trail. Walk up the side trail to a stump on the right hand side just past a large pine tree. With your back to the stump take a reading of 230 on the compass. It's twelve steps to a large oak tree. Behind the tree is a large log lying on the ground.

Odie's Dream is inside the log.