The Lobster Pot Letterbox  LbNA # 54294

OwnerThe Field Mice    
Placed DateJul 2 2010
LocationMonhegan, ME
Found By The Field Mice
Last Found Aug 30 2011
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The Lobster Pot Letterbox

Monhegan Island is a hidden and beautiful treasure off the wild, freezing coasts of Maine. Be sure to explore the various twisting trails, gorgeous views of the sea from breathtaking heights and memorable locals!

Begin your search at the Lupine Gallery, which is directly in front of you at the T-junction when you come up the road from the ferry.
Look at the sign above the Gallery and record the third letter of the second word here:
1. ____________________________________________
Walk down the road toward the store with the pink signs. On your right pass a house with an oval sign. Look at the 6th letter of the second word and count forward five letters of the alphabet, starting from that letter. (Example: If the letter is C, count five forward to H and record H). Record that letter here:
2. ____________________________________________
From that sign, turn and face the field at left. Look across and you will see a rectangular house. How many windows are facing you? Record that number here:
3. ____________________________________________
Look at the store ahead with the pink signs. How many panes are in the rectangular windows lined with pink? Count this number of letters forward in the alphabet (Example: If the number is 4, the letter is D). Record that letter here:
4. ____________________________________________
Continue past the store and notice a small white sign with black lettering on your right. Look at the 5th letter of the word on the sign. Count forward 4 letters in the alphabet from this letter and record it here:
5. ____________________________________________
Continue down the road. On your left there will be a yellow house with a date above the door. Add the numbers of the date together and divide by 10. Record that number here:
6. ____________________________________________
Continue down the road for a while. Pass a small beach on your right and a wooden shed covered with signs, posters and ads on your left.
After a time you will pass the Monhegan Store (it may be helpful to purchase a trail map of Monhegan here) and see a white picket fence enclosing a small field on your left. Look ONLY at the part of the fence running alongside the road. Count the number of white tops on top of the posts of the fence. Add 11 to this number and record the sum here:
7. ___________________________________________
Now continue down the road, go around the church and head straight down the road toward Lobster Cove (Be sure to stop for an ice cream at the Novelty down the road to the left!).

Now use the above clues to fill in the corresponding numbered blanks to continue your search in Lobster Cove.
L = left
R = right
M = middle

Walk down the road toward Lobster Cove. At the first fork in the road take a (1)_______________. Continue to follow the signs to Lobster Cove. After the road ends, you should be walking down a narrow dirt path that opens up into the Cove. Follow the path past the rocky inlet toward the white life preserver at the head of the Cove. When the path forks, take a (2)______________. The path will then split into (3)______________ paths. Take the (4)______________ one and continue over the rocks and down the other side. To your left and right there are ship remains of the D.T. Sheridan, which ran aground on the rocks of Lobster Cove due to dense fog on November 5th, 1948. Continue straight on the path through the trees. When the path breaks into three by the pine trees, take the (5)_______________ path. As the path continues, take the (6)______________ left and continue left. At the paths end, look directly in front of you to see a SMALL clump of 2 or 3 pine trees. Walk straight forward (7)________________ steps and look under the thick pine branches. Here you will find the Lobster Pot Letterbox. Please stamp in discreetly and reseal and hide the box and plastic bags very well, as during the winter there is a lot of snow and rain. If the letterbox is damaged please contact us or feel free to replace something yourself and send us a note. We only visit Monhegan during the summer, so this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and be sure to tell us if you've found the box!

It's a little tricky to find....
So when you come up the trail and are facing straight ahead, the sea on your right and the forest on your left, turn left. The letterbox is buried under the heavy branches of the clump of medium-sized pine trees (NOT THE TINY CLUMP, and before the forest really begins, the first clump) IT's set back off the trail, so you have to climb over the shrubs and rocks a little bit. If the number of foot steps in the instructions is confusing, just ignore it and walk straight towards that clump of pines. You should not have to go really deep into the forest to find it but it should not be really close to the trail either. We came back a year after setting the box and no one had found it, so hopefully these additional instructions make it a little easier.