Turtle centers arachnid education  LbNA # 54307

Placed DateJun 3 2010
LocationBald head island, NC
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Jul 15 2010
Hike Distance?

The Bald Head Island Conservancy is known not only for their education, but also their conservation efforts. They are one of only 5 saturation tagging locations in the country and their aim is to protect the natural environment.

In order to find this box you must find the center of the sea turtle conservation efforts. You will look in the building that houses the camps and the lectures. Here you will need to find an animal with an exoskeleton, this animal is also in the arachnid family. This is the oldest un-evolved animals since the dinosaurs, in fact it lived during the time of the dinosaurs! Behind one of these is where you need to look. The catch is that you can only find this box between the hours of 9am and 5pm.