The Mountain Trailimal Game  LbNA # 54329

OwnerRobin's Nest    
Placed DateJun 15 2010
LocationRome, ME
Found By Foss4
Last Found Sep 28 2013
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Box 1 - Snake
Box 2 - Turtle
Box 3 - Chickadee
Box 4 - Blue Jay

This Trail Game takes the form of a child friendly, 4X4 Sudoku Puzzle. Stamped animals will be found along the trail which will be used in place of numbers. You may want to lightly pencil in your numbers 1 through 4 on your graph while at the trail head. Each animal is stamped in each of the four grids. You will need to print the attached grid or make your own using the attached photo as a guide.

Box 1 - SNAKE

From the trail head stop at the black donation box and count 14 steps going up the trail. Look to your right for a stump with a hollowed out center filled with pine needles, leaves and twigs. Reach into the stump to find a camo bag letterbox holding the SNAKE. Stamp four times in each of the four grids. Rehide the box so that it can not easily be seen and discovered by others.

Box 2 - TURTLE

Continue on the trail and begin to count the blue plastic diamond blazes which are fixed on the trees. Continue until you arrive at the 3rd. blaze. Three steps back downhill from that blaze is a boulder beside a V Birch. Look behind the V Birch and under a smaller rock for this woodsy turtle. Remember to rehind so it is not discovered by others.


Continue heading up the trail, passing blue blazes 4, 5, and 6. Ignore the wooden arrow pointing to the right for Great Pond Loop but continue onward looking for the weeoden arrow which points left for the Long Pond Loop. Turn here. Pass 5 blazes and he trail will open up with views of Long Pond. The trail becomes rocky and it can be slippery when moist. There is also a steep dropoff with warning signs. Stay on the trail. You may have a seat and enjoy the view from the bench when you arrive at it. From the bench, look to your right and over your shoulder for another blue blaze. Locate the fallen tree just before the blaze. This box will be found hiding under the fallen tree near the far end and concealed by twigs and leaves. Please rehide carefully.

Box 4 - BLUE JAY

Back on the trail. Walk up some stone steps and pass the moss covered stump in the center of the trail. Very shortly you will arrive at a 4 way intersection. Turn left and several paces further up, you will arrive at an open area near the summit. Here you will find a fallen trunk to rest on. Look behind the sitting log to see two trees providing shade. Look behind the two trees and under a rock and a large piece of bark to find the final box. Please leave a message in the log book.