Nesting doll  LbNA # 54334

Placed DateJun 27 2010
LocationLittleton, CO
Found By karate hiker
Last Found Oct 3 2010
Hike Distance?

The Ridge at West Meadows Park is located at the corner of S. Van Gordon Way and W. Coal Mine Ave.
From the parking lot take the path past where Wimbledon hopefuls practice,
past where children frolic, and past where NBA dreams occur.
Head towards where the ducks and geese live. Take the path counter clockwise.
You will pass a sign about Hine Lake, cross a small bridge and then you’ll come to the point where you’ll have 2 choices: continue around the lake or follow the paved path to the right. Choose the one which will take you close to the naked tree.
This tree could be used as a Halloween prop or the star tree of the movie Poltergeist.
Just north of the tree (5 steps) are two small bushes. The letterbox is very close.
See the flat rock?
Note: The red ink works the best.