Black Mountain Lookout  LbNA # 54356

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateJul 4 2010
LocationDayton, WY
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Sep 10 2011
Hike Distance?

** Box is in place as of August 29, 2014**

OK, flatlanders, time for your cardio! :)

This letterbox is hidden at the Black Mountain Lookout, located in the Bighorn Mountains above Dayton, WY. The lookout was constructed in the 1930s and sits high above the forest on a granite outcropping of rock. On a clear day you can see out over the forest and to the plains beyond.

To reach the trailhead follow US Highway 14 from Dayton. Turn left on Forest Road 24 (commonly called Black Mountain Rd. – it may or may not be labeled as such). Drive on Road 24 (a well-maintained gravel/dirt road) a distance of 3.5 miles. Turn left on Forest Road 222. Near the stream here is where most of you will be leaving your vehicle. If you have a 4-wheeler or a true 4 x 4 (you’ll need something burlier than a stock 4 wheel drive SUV) you can continue up FR 222 to the upper parking lot, shaving nearly a mile off of your walk. (Note that FR 222 goes left after the stream – ignore the footpath to the right.) For the majority though, the walk will be about 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down.

The hike itself is all uphill (or all downhill, depending on whether you’re coming or going) and is moderately steep, gaining around 1300 feet in elevation. The trail cumulates at 9500 feet – not nearly enough to give you altitude sickness, but enough to make you suck some wind. This hike makes a nice half-day hike if you start early.

Now for the clues. I’ll make this one easy on you since you’re going to have to walk up a mountain to get the box. Right before the final turn to the lookout, stop and look up and to your right. You should see the row of metal posts connected with cable that will be fencing you in for the last 30 or so feet of your walk. On the rock wall below the first two posts you will see a nice little cave. Inside this cave, on the right side you will (hopefully) see some rocks. Under these rocks is the letterbox. Pick a nice place to enjoy the view and stamp in!

When you’re done make sure the box is well hidden and not visible from the trail!