Kretaceous Klam  LbNA # 54358

Placed DateJul 2 2010
CountyRio Arriba
LocationTierra Amarilla, NM
Found By (hidden)
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Kretaceous Klam Klues

Heron Lake State Park. Brushy Point campground west. Next to #82 is public parking and restroom. Walk to cove, then in any dam direction you want. Get the point? It is covered with geodes and often seagulls. Turn your back to the lake and face the wave-cut cliffs. Their striped layers of shale and sandstone were deposited when this area was covered by a shallow inland seaway. Evidence is scattered at your feet! Notice the fossilized clam shells inbedded in the sandstones; some have shell material, others are imprints. If you look carefully you can also find trace fossils of the animals that lived in the sands and muds. Worm-like animals crawled through the sediment eating everything in their path. And of course, you know what came out the other end and is now fossilized in that rock you're holding...fossilized poo trails! These fossils are around 100 to 75 million years old and represent animals that lived during the Cretaceous (K) period, 145 to 65 million years before present.
If you head up to the right onto the level not perturbed by fluctuations in lake level, you will find three old junipers (and some younger ones and oaks). Hidden at the base of the middle juniper is the Kretaceous Klam. Enjoy! And please keep it well camoflaged/hidden from the destructive firewood gatherers from the campground.