Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Alphabet Soup Bowl  LbNA # 54370

OwnerMoofie & Blaze    
Placed DateJul 7 2010
LocationGreenfield, WI
Found By Seek First
Last Found May 18 2016
Hike Distance?

This is a very easy walk, on paved surfaces, a little over one mile in total length.

Your quest begins with the 25th letter of the alphabet. You will need to find out where the Southwest Suburban Branch of this “letter” is located.
One side of the building faces ______ Rd. This road is named after the “gateway to Wisconsin”. From the sign for the building that is next to ______ Rd, head 2/10 of a mile at a heading of 60 degrees. There is plenty of space for you to park your car at this spot. You will be able to tell you are in the right spot if there is a paved path that crosses both over and under the roadway. Continue your quest along this path at 325 degrees.
As you continue on this path, you will come to a fork. Take the path that goes to the right. Soon you will come to a bench on the left side of the trail. This bench was provided by a local car dealer. Take note of their address, you will need it later. As you continue you will soon find a small clearing on your left. You may be quite surprised by what you see here. It seems quite out of place and other than that has no real significance for your quest.
Soon you will find a 2nd bench provided by a different car dealer. Take a rest if you like but more importantly take note of its address as well. When you encounter a stop sign, go to the right. At the 2nd stop sign continue straight ahead. You will soon come to another choice of direction, and this is where your address information will come in handy. Take the third and fourth number of the first address and flip them. Take the second and third number from the second address and flip them. Notice anything similar??? This should give you plenty of information as to which direction to go.
As you progress you will see a break in the curb, on each side of the street, for drainage purposes. Up ahead there will be a similar situation. About half way to this second drainage cutout, you will see an elm (we think) tree on the right side. It is very close to the road. Here is where your prize is hidden. There is a large crotch in this tree at about waist level. The box is in the crotch.
When you are stamping up, you will have the option to create your very own, unique, bowl of soup. You will see what we mean when you open the box. Enjoy!!!