Anaconda Smoke Stack  LbNA # 54374 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2010
CountyDeer Lodge
LocationAnaconda, MT
Found By WildKratts
Last Found Aug 29 2015
Hike Distance?

When you hit Anaconda be sure to go by the visitor's center- it's at the rest area off I90. There is a LOT of history in this tiny little town!

Find the park that honors the Smoke Stack history. Hint* find the smoke stack still standing- it's close! Once you are there, read the information, look into the large base to realize the enormous size!!

When you are ready to box, find a light post closest to the way going out of town, by vehicle. With your back to the post, look towards the standing smokestack. Align yourself with it and walk towards the rocks. You should see an orange/beige rock once you get there. It's a flat rock on your left hand side. Underneath, protected by 2 smaller rocks is your own smoke stack.

Be careful- this was a busy park! It took me about an hour to walk around & hide. Be sure to cover well & log your find. Happy boxing!