Marble Canyon  LbNA # 54431

Placed DateJun 10 2010
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationCache Creek, BRC
Planted ByGold Country    
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Marble Canyon

• From the east, follow Hwy #97N to the junction of Hwy #99 (at Hat Creek Ranch). Turn west and continue for 26 km.
• From Lillooet, travel 30 km northeast on Hwy #99.
• Park at unmarked pullout on the west end of Crown Lake.
• Take trail to waterfall.
• From the base of the falls go ~23 paces down the trail to your left, at the Y go right ~66 paces.
• Now look for a faint trail on your right, if you reach the lake you have gone too far.
• This box is located at the base of a large rock, covered in dead brush; follow the faint trail up the slope ~30 paces.
• Note: ~8 paces up the faint trail is a pile of white rocks at the base of an old fir to let you know you are on the correct trail.

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