Clyde's Little Yellow Friend  LbNA # 54438 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2010
LocationDecatur, GA
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***Clyde's Friend has gone missing as of jan 2, 2011, but we'll be replacing him soon!***

This box was placed to commemorate our favorite video game, Pikmin. The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur ( reminded us of scenes from the game, so we decided to hide a Pikmin-related letterbox here.

Start at the trailhead on the right by the large sign at the entrance. Take a minute to read about the park and its wildlife.

Take the Forest Trail, and keep right. Follow the narrow trail past giant old trees. When you come to the first fork, go right over Raccoon Rock and Indian Rock. Watch out for poison ivy as you walk along this narrow, twisty trail. continue on the boardwalk. When you come to the fork, go left. At the end, follow the Pine Trail. At the next fork, take the path on which fallen trees guide the way.

When you reach a place to sit, follow the beavers, not the pines. Cross the wobbly boardwalk. About fifty paces from its end, notice Broecker's blind to the right. If you want to take photos, you might want to stop here for a while.

After you're done, cross Dave's bridge and continue along the boardwalk. Pass the high king's throne and a small bridge. Fifteen paces from the place where the chickens cross, turn to the right. Notice the large lookout point and the beaver pond.

Walk up the stairs to get a look at the pond. You might see heron, hawks or beaver. As you're heading back down, look between the first and third step. The treasure that you seek is wedged between the wall and the step.

The box is a medium-sized tupperware wrapped inside a plastic bag. After finding it, please rehide it in the exact same state as you found it with the piece of wood on top. Also, please re-hide it in the bag. The bag's color helps hide the tupperware against the wood and protects it from the rain.

Happy hunting, and bring your bug spray if you go in the summer!