The Watchful Puffin  LbNA # 54440

OwnerThe Olde Oak      
Placed DateJun 27 2010
CountyOther International
LocationPortmagee, INT
Found By mama bear ohio
Last Found Oct 25 2012
Hike Distance?

In Ireland if you want to visit Skellig Michael you must journey to the end of the Ring of Kerry, then to the end of the Skellig Ring to Portmagee. There small boats take off in the summer on calm days for a few hours to that amazing place, Skellig Michael:

You however needn’t travel beyond Portmagee to access the Watchful Puffin Letterbox. The image of a puffin is on the stamp since puffins are numerous, unafraid of people and close during nesting season on the island. Here is a website from one of the ferry concerns which show puffins on the island:

To find the letterbox first find the Catholic church with its graveyard beyond. From Main street turn at “Skellig Trips” up and away from the bay. Walk straight up to St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. Walk past the church on the left down the lane. When the rock wall on your right ends keep walking until you learn the speed limit. Reach beyond the sign on your right all the way to the ground on the west side.

Close everything up tightly as Ireland is a land of lots of rain. Thanks for coming!