FIGure It Out  LbNA # 5446

Placed DateAug 29 2003
Location???, CA
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 28 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

Alive and well as of 9/28/15

This box went missing years ago, and the park has since been renovated, eliminating the hiding spot. I've planted a completely new box with new clues to a new hiding spot. However, I always loved this simple mystery clue, so I adopted the listing to let the original planters get credit for their idea.


Edgar J. Owens was done
With the hot California sun,
But a Moreton Bay Fig
Can grow mighty big,
So he planted only one.

* * * * *

~The name of the park contains both a reference to the park's most prominent feature and an adjective that is the opposite of one you'd use to describe the park itself.

~Start at City Historical Marker #3 (in the NE corner of the park near 2 poles that resemble giant red crayons). If you go south approximately 20 steps you can also read the brick marker with the white top.

~Walk west between the crayon poles until you reach two large round cement planters. Sit on the bench in between them, all the way to the left side. Slide your hand under the bench on the back side to find the metal plate with large bolts and a small magnetic container.

~This one is a drive-by. It is stroller- and wheelchair-accessible. Be discreet! The park is in a residential neighborhood and open to public view.

Let us know if you find it!

~Doughnut, Moody Cat, Watermelon, and Jelly Bean