Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche) Letterbox  LbNA # 54485

Placed DateJul 10 2010
LocationLoveland, OH
Found By (hidden)
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Loveland Castle was built by hand by Sir Harry Andrews, who founded the KOGT (Knights of the Golden Trail). For more information on the history of this castle take a tour or go to this website; Please remember that admission is 3.00 per person, even if you are only visiting the garden.

The address is 12025 Shore Rd,Loveland OHIO 45140 on your GPS.

To get to this letterbox, enter the castle through the main entrance and pay. Exit the castle the way you came and, looking out at the parking lot, turn to your left. Walk under the 3 stone arches of the passageway, continue along the sidewalk, and turn right onto a stone walkway to enter the main part of the garden. Walk past a stone set of stairs on your right and continue along to the second set. Ascend 15 of these steps and stop at a tall, stone lookout tower. To the right of this tower is a low stone wall.There is one loose stone in this wall, which you will notice if you look closely. Behind this stone is the treasure you seek.

If you have trouble finding the box, ask someone at the front desk to help you, but please be discreet and if they do not know about the box, DO NOT give them any clues about its approximate location and find somebody else who my help you!

After you stamp in, feel free to explore the castle and grounds, since you already paid. If you find the box (or do not), please email the placer at or at Good luck and have fun!
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