Summer Ssolstice  LbNA # 54497

OwnerT By Four    
Placed DateJun 21 2010
LocationPurcellville, VA
Found By redrabbit
Last Found Sep 3 2012
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Summer is a traditional time of warm weather, long days, relaxing activities, vacation from school or work. It conjures up memories of childhood when languid days stretched endless before you. It is the day of the year that marks the beginning of summer as the longest day of sunlight. Some people have special traditions associated with the day, some have beliefs in the spirits and sprites associated with the day. Whatever your traditions or beliefs it’s a great time to get outdoors and enjoy!


Pack up your picnic, your swim gear or your frisbee and head to Franklin Park!

From the Park entrance drive in the main road. You will pass the pool on your right. At the T take a left. Drive past the memorial garden on your left, the playground on your right. At the ball field parking lot drive to the far right end of the parking lot and park. There is a small hill with a bench, grill and perhaps a couple picnic tables. Walk up the hill to the grill. Face the trees. See the white post (used for the orienteering course)? What you seek is 10 feet to the right of the white post at the base of a medium-sized hawthorne tree. Watch out for those big thorns on the tree and, of course, poison ivy!