Jacob's Well  LbNA # 54502

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJul 8 2010
LocationWimberley, TX
Found By TKPuddlejumpers
Last Found Apr 5 2014
Hike Distance?

Replaced/relocated (12/17/12)
Terrain Difficulty: Moderate (short steep climb, 400 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: brown & blue
Status: alive

Jacob's Well is a perpetual artesian spring, pumping thousands of gallons of fresh water per minute to form Cypress Creek. Considered a sacred place by native Americans and the heart of Wimberley by early settlers, today Jacob's Well supports a habitat rich in wildlife and plant life. The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) has created the Jacob's Well Preserve to protect the land around the well and access is free.

From Wimberley, starting at the intersection of RR12 and RR2325, go 2.25 miles and turn right onto Jacob's Well Road. Turn left onto Woodacre Drive, go 0.6 miles and jog to the left through the condominium complex and park in lot on the right. You can also park at main entrance by continuing on road across Cypress Creek.

If coming from condo lot, walk along road toward Cypress Creek to entrance path on right. Step over wire rope and walk on gravel road to Jacob's Well on left. Walk across wood bridge and go left by the well. Duck under overhanging rock, climb up rocks on left side then up steps between higher rocks on left. Go right so you are above the well and continue around the left and up to get higher. From top of rocks continue on gravel path 18 steps to multi-trunk cedar tree a few steps to the left. Letterbox is within trunks under rocks and needles.
If coming from main entrance, walk on gravel road past house on left and through archway. After 100 yards bear left on path about 20 yards, then go right on path bordered by cedar logs for about 100 yards. Go left at Y through woods to same place above the well as described above. Letterbox will be in cedar tree on right. Enjoy the view.