Be Prepared!  LbNA # 54547

Placed DateJul 13 2010
CountyLos Angeles
LocationGlendora, CA
Planted ByDancin\' Jansens    
Found By Lee & Nancy
Last Found Mar 10 2013
Hike Distance?

We have been Girl Scouts for many years and know very well that the Girl Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” However, we did not take that advice when hiding the box. Do not make the same mistakes we did: wear pants and good shoes, as the path is quite rough, and bring a camera along, as the view from the top of the hill is gorgeous!
Travel north on Bonnie Cove until it ends beneath the 210 freeway. After passing the gates just beyond, take the better-paved path until you reach the yellow pedestrian. Just beyond him is a trail heading west; follow it. Continue uphill until you reach the electrical tower. Turn around and – viola! the San Gabriel Valley.
After taking in the view, continue north until you come to a place flanked by pepper trees and in view of the main road. Search at the base of the walnut tree to the east.
After you have found the letterbox and returned it, you can go east on the main road to return to the park entrance.