Land of Giants & Elves  LbNA # 54550

Placed DateJul 14 2010
LocationBremerton, WA
Found By Fledermaus
Last Found Apr 10 2015
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Once upon a time before Humans, there was a world known as the Land of Giants and Elves. You can find it, if you dare, for it is nestled in the Western region of Kitsap County. However and due to the encroachment of the Human civilization, the Elves retreated back into their forest and the Giants stood nearby to guard the Land of Elves.

Begin your journey by traveling to the Land of Pendergast, atop a hill and North of Loxie. After traversing several roads, you will come upon the House of the King's Men. Be careful not to arouse their suspicions, for they too seek the Treasure of the Giants.

Upon your arrival at a blackened clearing, you will see many Giants watching over there domain. However, pay no attention to most of them, for they will do you no harm. The Giants you seek, six of them in all, are watching over their own lessor domain to the South and thinking of their Four lofty Goals.

One of these Six Giants, sporting an LbNA Tattoo, watches over the Land of Canine to the West along the way to the treasure. But beware, for it is said that this treasure is protected by Old Stumpy the Elder, a fiendish Blue Elf by nature, who hides in the Lands of Elves far to the North.

Approach this Giant carefully and stand next to him. If he is bothered by your presence, walk 125 paces on a bearing of 280 Degrees, keeping the Land of Canines to the Southwest. When you have arrived at the Giant's Castle to the Northeast, you may stop and rest your tired bones.

Once rested, continue for another 130 paces on a bearing of 290 Degrees towards Castle Green. From here you should see the Seven-Eyed Giant in the distance, sporting an LbNA Tattoo, and faces East to guard his Field of Dreams. Carefully approach him, turn Westward and you will see a small trail leading downward and into the Land of Elves. BTW, Old Stumpy's favorite color is Blue and he has left his mark along the way.

Upon entering the forest and down a narrow path, you will see the Tree of Many Arms. It has been said that for each of you she captures, she is rewarded a Blue Ribbon. From here, continue Left for about 15 paces, until you encounter the Ancient Traveler, who guards the trail behind him. Choosing the Right path is important here. So, continue along the trail and deeper into the Land of Elves.

If you find the Gateway to Old Stumpy's home, you will have to step over it and then continue for about 20 paces. If this is your lucky day, you may discover the Giant's Treasure hidden within the Elf's rotting old house on your Left. Keep this in mind, if he is nearby and catches you, you may become a tasty treat for him and his clan.

Happy Hunting and may your journey be a safe one!

Land of Pendergast = Craqretnfg Cnex
Land of Giants = Yvtug Cbfgf bire Cnexvat Ybg
Giant's Castle = Ynetr Terra & Juvgr ohvyqvat
Six Giants = Yvtug Cbfgf bire Fbppre Svryq
Land of Canine = Bss-Yrnfu Qbt Cnex
Seven-Eyed Giant = Yvtug Cbfg jvgu Frira Yvtugf
Castle Green = Ynetr Terra ohvyqvat
Field of Dreams = Onfronyy Svryqf
Land of Elves = Jrfgrea Sberfg
Tree of Many Arms = Zhygv-Gehax Gerr
Ancient Traveler = IJ fvmr ebpx

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