Our Guardian Angels  LbNA # 54591

OwnerMadam Dragonfly    
Placed DateJul 16 2010
LocationSilverton, TX
Found By Astro D
Last Found Nov 21 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is planted in honor of our Guardian Angels (Pop & Gran). This little park is a great stop off for those wanting to photograph the canyon. It is usually quiet and peaceful. The only sound outside of nature is the occasional truck trying to climb the hill and a car driving by. This is a beautiful place to take a look at the canyon below. Don't forget you camera.

To the box:
From Silverton Texas you will take Hwy 86 east. Drive approx 2.4 miles to the junction to Hwy 256. Take the hwy 256 and from the turnoff drive approx 7.9 miles. You will find the Schott Canyon Overlook park on your left. When you enter the park you will want the covered picnic table on top to your left. Park there and notice the marker for William E Schott. Walk to the marker and read his story. Now standing facing the front of the marker look to you right. About the 3:00 oclock position. Over at the tree line there are two trails that lead down to the edge of the canyon.. Walk to the beginning of these little trails. You will want to use the right one. From the top of the trail take 25 normal steps down the trail. Now you should be standing just about where the trails connect and then seperate again. Look down in front and slightly to your felt you will see a small cedar bush with a larger cedar bush behind it. Your box is under the smaller bush. Please rehide well as this trail is used frequently by folks photographing the canyon. Now stand up and look around. Beautiful isn't it?