Isolated Island  LbNA # 5460 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 31 2003
LocationRossford, OH
Planted Byterry    
Found By Riddle1
Last Found Aug 30 2006
Hike Distance?

(may be gone...will check soon)
Down 65 in Rossford town
Pass Colony Road
Island View Park will be found.

Park the car and head down the path
Stay to the left, “Start” at last

Proceed to the river, a winding stroll
Some work on their abs or body I’m told.

Down to the river, house on the left
Watch the slippery tar as you progress.

Enjoyed the Island View and then up the stone way
Pass the “Side Jump” pause and before “3/4” lays
A cheaters trail
It’s on the right,
Four paces in, almost in sight.
A tree on the left, below you will see
A stamp in a box,
Keep it hidden when you leave.