Kalevipoeg  LbNA # 54617

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJul 18 2010
LocationWest Bend, WI
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Oct 17 2015
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedOct 25 2015

Last found/checked: 13-SEP-14
Clues updated: 13-SEP-14

Location: caLnnarwaL

Time: Approximately 60-90 minutes depending on season & trail conditions.

Terrain: Dirt/grass trails through mostly wooded areas with some small hills. Portions of the trail can be wet in spring or after heavy rains.

We had originally hoped to plant this box in Estonia when we were there in May 2010. However the park we visited was much too open, so the giant Kalevipoeg reluctantly agreed to journey back to the USA with us.

“Kalevipoeg” is the Estonian national epic. The poem consists of twenty cantos and about 19,000 verses telling the story of the giant. There are numerous legends attributing various natural objects and features as traces of Kalevipoeg's deeds (his tears formed lakes, boulders along a shoreline were rocks thrown by him, etc).

Kalevipoeg was able to walk through deep water but ultimately this was his downfall when his feet were cut off by his own sword owing to his own prior - and fatally ambiguous - instructions. However you need not fear this fate on your walk!

First head to the barn where Kalevipoeg gathered some planks to use edgewise as weapons. Then turn right and walk until you reach the Lake Loop trail sign. Pay your respects to Maurin (Kalevipoeg often visited his parent’s graves) then head down the hill. To give you a taste of the epic poem, the remaining clues will include the subject of each of the 20 cantos.

1. 50° at “T” - The marriages of Salme and Linda
2. Follow the arrow at fire - The death of Kalev
3. Head north at intersection - The fate of Linda
4. 255° at a 4-way - The island maiden
5. 320° at next intersection - Kalevipoeg and the Finnish sorcerer
6. 310° at next intersection (continue forward) - Kalevipoeg and the sword smiths
7. Follow northern arrows at next intersection - The return of Kalevipoeg
8. 94° at next intersection - The contest and parting of the brothers
9. Pass a bench, meadow & gate, then curve down and around to the right along the mid-slope of the hill -Rumours of war
10. Stop at the broken V on the right (before a large fallen and cut tree) - The heroes and the Water-Demon
11. Head north to the top of the hill - The loss of the sword
12. Find the stump remains of a 25’-30’ tall snag - The fight with the sorcerer's sons
13. Standing at the stump, take a bearing of 150° - Kalevipoeg’s first journey to Hades
14. Take 6 steps on this bearing to find Kalevipoeg under the broad branch and a rock - The palace of Sarvik
15. Return to trail and duck under tree - The marriage of the sisters
16. 270° at “T” - The voyage of Kalevipoeg
17. 110° at next “T” - The heroes and the dwarf
18. 220° at next sign – Kalevipoeg’s journey to Põrgu (Hell)
19. 40° at intersection - The last feast of the heroes
20. 140° at next sign - Armageddon

Barn in view… " Palju õnne!” (Estonian for "Congratulations!")

Status updates on this box would be appreciated! Tänan!

If you would like to read the poem as part of an on-line book group, here is a link: