The Box Canyon Bat Den  LbNA # 54629

OwnerBrady's Bunch    
Placed DateJul 17 2010
LocationIsland Park, ID
Found By Firth Finders
Last Found Jun 16 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 6 2015

Approximately 3 miles north of the Angler’s Lodge in Last Chance you will see a turn off for “BOX CANYON SUMMER HOME AREA”. Take the first left after this sign onto a road called “Homestead”. Follow “Homestead” until it “T’s” into a road called “Riverside.” Turn left on Riverside until you come to the trail head.

Begin your hike at the “Box Canyon Hiking Trail” sign. (For your safety, it is advised not to carry any food items with you on this hike)

Follow the gravel path straight. (Turning right will take you to view Box Canyon dam)

Continue straight on the path, you will notice a large cluster of rocks on either side of the trail. Continue on the trail.

As you move down the trail you can look to the right and see where the Buffalo River joins Henry’s Fork. There will be small trails veering off to the right that offer a nice overlook of the rivers.

Continuing down the path you will notice the gravel path turns to dirt. From this point begin counting. Go 50 paces. Then you will reach a large fallen tree on the left of the path. It is here that you turn right onto a smaller trail.

Count 16 paces on this smaller trail. Then you will reach the edge of a rock bed.

At the edge of the rock bed, turn to your left and continue in this direction along the top edge of this rock bed. You will go about 40 paces in this direction.

Then you will come to the base of a large pine tree standing alone at the edge of a very rocky area.

Stand to the right side of this large tree and continue down the trail in the same direction another 26 paces.

You will come to another HUGE fallen tree.

The letterbox is hidden at the base of a pine tree that is growing into the huge fallen tree.