REST IN PEACE #3  LbNA # 5464

OwnerBusy Bee    
Placed DateAug 30 2003
LocationRockport, TX
Found By Team Laugh-a-Lot
Last Found Jul 30 2004
Hike Distance?

Reported missing on March 13.

R.I.P. #3: On Goose Island, in the old Lamar Cemetery, rests another in the R.I.P. series.

Enter the cemetery through the gate and take a brochure from the box, then go forward to the historical marker to find out more about this interesting place.

As you face the marker, somewhere to your right you will be able to find the oldest grave in the cemetery. This poor soul, who was sent west for his health, died just days after arriving in the town of Lamar.

Standing at the foot of his grave, notice the biggest oak tree roughly to the south at 200*.

Walk over to that grave, of a woman named ‘Hannah’, then look around the tree to a hole in the back. Under bark and debris, you will find R.I.P. #3.

Please email me with the condition of the box if you search for it.