fishin kitty  LbNA # 54661 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2010
LocationMansfield, OH
Found By BunnyBear
Last Found May 3 2014
Hike Distance?

Isabella's mom's car pulled into the Mohican lodge parking lot. Isabella peeked out of the window just in time to see a gray stripped cat.
"Mom I'm going to see what's down that trail," she said, and ran out of the car and down the trail behind the lodge.
"But, wait! you need to carry..." Isabella didn't hear the rest of what her mom was saying.
She heard the sound of some people in tennis /basketball/ volley ball courts. Her feet sounded like a heard of elephants on the paved path.
She saw a grass path but didn't follow it. The cat stayed on the paved path.
Another knot in the trail appeared and there was a sign that read 'gazebo' she did not go towards the gazebo.
She ran after the cat a little ways, but stopped for just a moment as she spotted two fawns and a mother. (Stay quiet in this area, there is almost always deer.)
Isabella followed the cat to the waters edge. She looked left and followed the cat to a platform. (Eagles have been spotted here, take a look up..)
She stopped and took a long look. Surprisingly, so did the cat.
Isabella saw her chance she dove towards the cat, but the cat was too fast. It raced up the hill as it's tail brushed a rusty chain hanging off of a short rusty pole.
Isabel raced up the hill 35 paces with her back to the lake.
She noticed a rainbow shaped tree coming together with a fallen tree, and where they meet is a big mud mound, and the cat hopped over the log and dissapeared.
Isabella was right on it's tail. (literally) She looked at the mound facing the lake. She noticed a rock over the enterance and moved the rock. It was only a little inlet and the crazy thing was what she found in the small inlet. IT WAS A...