Dead Lake  LbNA # 54676 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2010
LocationDurand, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Aug 25 2012
Hike Distance?

County Road N between Pepin and Hwy 10 is one of the most scenic byways in western Wisconsin, passing through rolling farmland, wooded bluffs, and following the Chippewa River. When the weather permits, it is part of my daily commute. Even then, it is not without its hazards. This letterbox honors the large pregnant doe who haplessly bounded over the railing into my car one dark morning near this site late last winter. I was sorely grieved, more because of the affinity I feel for these creatures (my trail name is Latin for deer) than the acute damage done to my car. The stamp design is based on ancient rock paintings found in this driftless part of the state. I took it as a good sign that prior to planting this letterbox, I saw a healthy doe and her fawn coming through the abundant wildflowers on a hill nearby.
Follow County Road N north out of Pepin. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. (There is another letterbox along the way at Little Plum School.) Approximately two miles past the little town of Ella on the Chippewa River, you will come to a small park on the right with a sign reading "Dead Lake Boat Landing." There are three clumps of trees in the middle of the park and the letterbox is hidden behind a stump in the middle one of these. Please rehide well!
When you are finished here, continue on up the hill for less than a mile perhaps, where there is a little wayside and marker on the right. Here is a glorious view of the Tiffany Wildlife Area, part of the largest intact floodplain forest in the Upper Midwest, harboring the largest concentration of rare species in Wisconsin. The slope before you is considered a desert and you can even find the endangered brittle prickly pear cactus here.

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 6, 2014, the trees in the park have been cut down and the letterbox is missing.