Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Grateful Letterbox: Royal Cousins  LbNA # 54764

Placed DateJul 25 2010
LocationSouth Freeport, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Park on Lambert Road near the bus turnaround and walk further down the Dead-end road to the trailhead on your right. Ok - get on your way, now (and please bring one black and one red ink pad.) New trail work has (gratefully) improved the boardwalk/bridge sections of the trail.

When you cross the first little bridge, the surroundings improve. Eventually, you will get to cross over a small, falling brook at a rock outcropping (how nice!) A side loop trail cuts left right after the small brook crossing. Why don't you take it?

The trail quickly turns right. Ahead you can see a log barely touching the right edge of the trail. Walking closer, you can imagine it pointing to two and a half trees. A cousing sits here, with something up his sleeve. Carefull - you are in view of the main trail here.

The loop trail overlooks a small marsh, then winds back to the main trail. Take a left and cross the second small bridge. Eventually, you will come to a feat of woodland engineering. Across and up you go. There is a tree with a double white blaze at the top. Walk right, off trail, to the second pair of large trunks. Another cousin sits here, remembering what he can't forget.

Onward! Go to the end where the last cousin sits under a double birch tree, looking very contented.

Given time, another cousin (this one looking very different) may make an appearenace this summer on the back roads between here and Brunswick - a kissing cousin.