Awesome Arboretum Adventure  LbNA # 54768

Placed DateJul 26 2010
LocationGlen Rock, NJ
Found By LodiFam
Last Found Aug 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Glen Rock Arboretum, Doremus Avenue, Glen Rock

Park either on Doremus Avenue or at the Children's Playground(driveway is the first left past the main Arboretum entrance).

Standing at the gazebo, find the brick on the path that says "Arboretum dedicated 19 May 1963."

Walk straight past this brick to the end of brick path, and look for the green polka-dot bird house.

Walk past the birdhouse to the large American Beech. When you get to the American Beech, turn left onto trail.

At the storm/dam grate, turn left.

Walk onto Charles’ trail. Careful for the mushy spots! And keep your eye out for deer -- they enjoy drinking from the nearby creek.

Go deep into the Glen Rock jungle. Following the S-curved dirt path, look for the large mound of green moss on your left. Walk over sticks to continue your journey – you’ll see a small cluster of thin American Beeches to your immediate left.

Turn right.

Go past the Chinese wisteria, and keep walking!

You’ll come to a garden area with a white plastic fence.
Before you get to the fence, look to your left.

You’ll see a large tree. Walk to the back of the tree and dig under the leaves. There you’ll find the letterbox!

After you’ve looked inside, please cover the letterbox back up with leaves to ensure that it remains hidden. Thank you for visiting!