Janis Joplin  LbNA # 5477

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateAug 31 2003
LocationPort Arthur, TX
Found By DrooP
Last Found Feb 19 2004
Hike Distance?

*** Part of my TX Musicians Series ***
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 80 yards RT)
Status: reported missing (02/20/05)

Janis Lyn Joplin was born January 19, 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas and died from a drug overdose on October 4, 1970 at the Landmark Hotel in Los Angeles, California at the age of 27. In between she led a triumphant and tumultuous life blessed by an innate talent to convey powerful emotion through heart-stomping rock & roll singing. During her youth she cultivated an interest in music and discovered an inborn talent to belt the blues. She played the coffee houses and hootenannies of the day in the small towns of Texas, eventually landing in Austin as a student at the University of Texas. Jumping into the on-the-edge lifestyle cultivated by the beats, Janis thrilled at her creativity, but almost lost herself in experiments with drugs and alcohol. In 1966, old Austin friend Chet Helms, then in San Francisco, called to offer her a singing audition with an up-and-coming local group called Big Brother and the Holding Company. The rest, as they say, "was history". On January 19, 1988, the life and achievements of Janis Joplin was showcased and recognized in her hometown with the dedication of the Janis Joplin Memorial. The dedication featured a concert and the unveiling of the Southeast Texas Musical Heritage Exhibit, featuring an original bronze, multi-image sculpture of Joplin by Douglas Clark. Not too far from this exhibit is Lakefront park, where this microbox can be found.

Port Arthur is about 100 miles east of Houston via I10 and Hwy 73. In Port Arthur, turn right on Hwy 82 and drive across Gulfgate bridge to Pleasure Island. At the stop sign, Hwy 82 goes left but you go right for .2 miles then turn right into Lakefront park. Go left under the bridge you just came over and park at the second parking area after the bridge on your right across from a restroom.

From the parking lot with your back to the restroom looking south at 160, look for a line of 3 trees, each behind the other. Walk 50 steps to the third (farthest) tree, which is actually three trees growing out of 1 trunk. The microbox is in a small opening in the nearest tree to the restroom. Please re-hide well.