Round Top? Top Round?  LbNA # 54792

OwnerDaisy Poo    
Placed DateJul 27 2010
LocationRound Top, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Feb 18 2013
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Round Top? Top Round?

How did this town end up with the name Round Top?
As a part of the Stephen F. Austin colony, James Winn acquired 4,428 acres (6.9 sq mi) in 1831; the present townsite was included in this tract. Named after early settlers, specifically Nathaniel Townsend (whose original house still exists as the Texana Lodge) the town was known as Townsend; later it was renamed Round Top, since the postmaster lived in a house with a round tower.[3] Portions of Nassau farm were purchased by the Adelsverein, and settled by German immigrants began in 1845 to 1847; these settlers began buying up the local farms and the town lots. So the original name of the town was Townsend, but changed to Round top because the postmaster had a round top on the roof of his house.

Clues: Hwy. 290 is the main hwy that connects Houston and Austin. About 20 miles west of Brenham, head south on Hwy. 237 for about 8 miles. Find the town square. Turn left at Mills St. Drive about two blks to the current Post Office that will be on your left. Go to the front door and stand with your back to the door. Walk straight to the large bush, oleander bush, that is across the parking lot. The box is hiding inside its trunk. After logging in be sure to replace the letterbox in the exact spot with the rock on top. Congratulations!