Just So Thankfull  LbNA # 54796

OwnerThe Norton Family    
Placed DateJul 27 2010
LocationStarks, ME
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Make your way to the east entrance of the Sandy River Road in Starks (closest to Anson) Drive 0.4 miles from the stop sign to Butler Ferry Road. Park at the end and walk in if the puddles are too deep. If not proceed 0.2 miles to the big pine tree on the right, at the top of the river bank. Walk strait to the telephone pole that begins the trail it's marked 541/4. Continue strait down the trail 23 paces. Step over some dead logs and count 15 more paces. Step down the small embankment before you. Continue on the clearly packed trail and cross a small spring emptying into the Sandy River (you can step over it). Begin to look above your head for a log that resembles a crocodile snout. From there make your way to the open clay bank and search for the largest dead tree lying on the ground. At the trunks base you will acquire the treasure you seek.
Before you turn to go, take a moment to enjoy this amazing place to swim fish and play. Some of our very best memories as a kid belong to this spot along with my thanks to the creator who made it.
Psalm 136:1 Give thanks unto the Lord for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.