Mushrooms  LbNA # 54798

OwnerGooble Gobble    
Placed DateJul 10 2010
Location???, MN
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 28 2011
Hike Distance?

While out getting these three boxes hidden
I was subjected to many trips and falls
I think you will find a peaceful state of mind
Once you've encountered them all

Clitocybe Nuda

Fawning over nature is the thing you might say
Will get you going at the start of your day

Over stones large or small
You must have the gall

Be careful, don't fall
Or it's Coliform for you all

As time passes by keep walking don't cry
For this journey's end isn't nigh

Soon you'll see stones lined up real neat
Pay attention silly goose they're under your feet

Atop this small wall look down to the right
The path that you want is within your sight

Soon you will see an outcropping of rocks
If there was another side it'd be a box

Standing beneath the one tree overhead
Look down to your right at the rock, use your head

It's all by itself
It fell off of the shelf

It's covered with moss and looks really boss
I'll let you just guess the rest

As your fawning continues
Hopefully with no issues

You'll soon have a choice to make
I hope you choose right
Or it'll be a long night
Out here in these woods all alone

Keep moving on and choose right again
Or I'm afraid you won't reach the end

Tricholoma Magnivelare

On and On and On
Will the torture not stop

Not when you're hunting
A Gooble Gobble box

Blue diamonds white arrows
All over the place

Keep on walking
Pick up the pace

I hope you have bug spray for this little jaunt
'Cause Mosquitos will eat you that's a promise up front

Sometimes they need service in this part of the park
But you don't so don't go down that path in the dark

At the road that's less taken go left for a bit
And you'll see diamonds in just a minute

Thank goodness finally you say this is it
Look left find the soldier he's gone down he's been hit

Stand with your back against the feet of the slain
Go 17 steps forward to a tree bent in twain

Search deep down in there you know how I like to hide
Please replace all you took out back down inside

Amanita Muscaria

Back to the path and left if you want to get out
Take three rights, no four, now you can shout

Darn you Gooble Gobble
My legs they are sore

Waa-waa quit your whining
There's only one more

Be an eager beaver and finish this strong
I know you can do it just keep pushing on

Before long you'll have a choice to go left or go right
Please choose correctly or be out here all night

At the top of the hill no need to be surly
Just look for the tree with the lump that is burley

With your back to the tree and the path it's unseen
Take 30 steps my friend at 230 degrees

In the base buried deep of this fallen old tree
Your quest it is finished you've found all three

Now to get back I forget what to tell you to do
Just use your trail map the one you have on you

I hope you thouroughly enjoyed this hike. You have just toured one of my favorite, if not favorite, places to be in the woods. The distance you will have covered by the time you get back to your car is just about 5.5 miles. Thank you for respecting the integrity of these plants. I trust that you will re-hide all of these boxes as good or better than you found them. Thank you.