Land of the Giant's  LbNA # 54820

Placed DateJul 26 2010
CountyOther International
Found By chthiker
Last Found Apr 29 2015
Hike Distance?

29APR15 Alive & Well
Atlasquest Box #151145
FIRST AID needed
Original book is wet and ruined
3x4 inch book needs to replaced
Plastic baggy double/triple wrapped

Giant's Causeway
The most popular tourist destination Take shuttle or walk down to where
the 1 euro shuttle takes you to the bottom. You will be where the shuttle turns around to go back up. Walk through the column gateway to get near Finns shoe.
Walking down this path you will come across the shoe and three benches on
the right. Walk up behind the benches up to the rock slide about 20 feet up from the benches. The four tallest boulders is where the box is hidden, the box is big and black. Box is hidden well under FLAT rock 1 meter to the left of the POINTIEST boulder of the four. No muggles walk up this section, they usually
concentrate on Finn's foot.

chthiker added clue 29APR15
I just found it today, so hopefully I have it right; however it was during a sudden downpour. The box was to the right not left as you face the boulders and down in a pocket to the right of a large boulder covered by a brown, wedge-shaped flat rock. I had to come down off the bank and study the slope a little before I decided on the correct group. Not hard to find after that.