8-ball  LbNA # 54828

Placed DateJul 25 2010
LocationMiddlebury, CT
Found ByGrade 'A' Penguins
Last UpdateApr 14 2012


Hop Brook lake park

When entering the park and passing the booth park on the second parking lot on left. Find Meadow trail which will be heading back up to the booth on left. Follow the meadow trail till you hit a sign that shows Meadow going left and west trail going straight. Go straight on West trail shortly you will come to a Y intersection where you can see Rt 63 in front of you. Go left and look left to the big rock. behind that rock is a rock wall. Look where the rocks are piled on top of each other with a vine near it. Look down to a small brown rock hiding the 8-ball. Please rehide better when done! Have fun and stay cool!