Lake Powhatan Letterbox  LbNA # 5483

Placed DateJul 16 2003
LocationAsheville, NC
Last Found Oct 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Lake Powhatan Letterbox
Lake Powhatan Recreation Area
375 Wesley Branch Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806

Closed During Winter Months
Day Use Entry Fee Required
Hike = Easy. Allow 1 hour. Good for kids.

Directions to the Park: Approx. 10 miles S. of Asheville. I-26 (Exit 33). To 191 South. Turn onto Bent Creek Rank Rd. (NC 3480); a Forest Service sign marks the turn. Continue .3 miles until road forks. Go left onto Wesley Branch Rd. (SR 3484). The recreation area is 2.3 miles ahead.

Proceed to the Park Gate House. A Day Use entry fee is required, or camping fee if you will be staying a while. Ask the friendly Forest Service employee for a map of the park.

Head to the down to the lake. You want the parking area near the S shore. Start at the parking lot at the Information Shed. Follow the clues below. (Note: During your travels, if you happen to spot a good size rock, pick it up take it with you on the rest of the trek. The letterbox will thank you when you leave it more snug.)

 Go down the gravel road, you will see stairs on your Left. Make your way down stone steps.

 Stop to gaze at the splendor of the sandy shoreline before you. When you have taken in your fill, turn to the East. At 90deg (E) you will spy a trail marker and wooden bridge.

 Cross the bridge and bear right on the "Small Creek Trail", bearing 150deg (SE). Continue down the trail with the lake on your left.

 Pass an Orange Blaze on Left. Continue on trail headed east along the lake.

 Trail goes though a canopy of Rhododendrons. You will eventually pass a spot with a view of a fishing dock on your Left through the trees.

 A trail to the Dam intersects your path from the Left (NW). (If you are so inclined, stop here for a brief rest and look at the water. Then go back to the main path.) From here, take 85 easy paces down the trail to the East.

 Cross a small gully (approximately 15 feet wide). Immediately after crossing you should see an overgrown trail on the Right.

 Proceed 175deg (S) up the hill on this side trail, with the gully on the right. At approx. 25-30 paces (sorry for the lack of precision, but the trail is a bit overgrown) from your starting point you will emerge from some Rhododendrons overhead, and step up. Stop at a good sized tree (with moss at the bottom) on your Left.

 From this point, go 15 paces off the trail at 55deg (NE) until you come to a large Evergreen. On the SW side of the tree, under some rocks, you will find your prize.

 Enjoy!

Please be discreet and replace everything hidden as you found it or better. Read the Waiver of responsibility and disclaimer before setting out.

Placed by the Traveling Elderberrys on July 16, 2003.

Update: This box was located, repaired and clues updated on April 5, 2013 (almost 10 years after planting the original box!). I now live out of state and was back in Asheville on vacation. The stamp and box were in good shape. I replaced the log book and ink pad. It is ready to go for another 10 years!