Col. Francis Beatty Letterbox  LbNA # 5484

Placed DateJul 27 2003
LocationCharlotte, NC
Found By WalkinOrange
Last Found Mar 4 2008
Hike Distance?

Col. Francis Beatty Park
4300 Weddington Rd.
(btwn. McKee & Tilley Morris Rd.)

Hike = Easy. Allow 45 min. Excellent for kids.
Note: I’d recommend wearing long pants (since you will go off trail for a few yards and there are some thorny vines.) Also, bring gloves and perhaps a long stick … you don’t have to reach into any deep and nasty, but I’d just feel better about the whole thing if you did. Also, after entering the trail described below, keep your eyes open for mountain bikers. You will share the trail with them.

Park in the lot near the Activity Center, located on the S side of the lake. Walk E back toward the entrance of the parking lot and find the playground. From here, follow the clues below.

 Take path on the Left

 When facing the lake, go Right

 Pass 6 wooden soldiers guarding the path.

 Cross the road and follow the silver rail. When you get to a yellow bump that makes speeders go thump, enter the trail to the Right.

 Before the trail enters the forest it forks. Take trail to the Right. (Stick to the Right and you can't go wrong. You may see a "Black Diamond" trail marker.)

 Cross a gully. Take fork to the Right.

 Cross a ferny forest floor.

 Glimpse a white house on the Right through the trees. This will confirm you are on the right way.

 The path comes to a stream. Where water crosses rock you can stop, listen and cool your toes.

 Get back on the path and continue East

 From here, the path bears Left (N) away from the stream. Than the path veers Right (E). Then the path veers left (N).

 Step across the logs crossing your path. From here take 11 – 12 paces. Stop.

 Head off the path going due East (90deg). Take 13 – 14 paces, avoiding the a few thorny brambles on the forest floor.

 Look for three old trees. One North. One East. One South (to the Right). Look to the roots. Here you will find a natural hiding place, with a wooden guard at the door. (When removing the prize, use a stick or gloves in case the cozy home is now shared with other neighbors.)

 Return to the path and continue North to complete your hike.

 When you come to a T, turn Left and come back the way you came.

Please be discreet and replace everything hidden as you found it or better. Read the Waiver of responsibility and disclaimer before setting out.

Placed by the Traveling Elderberrys on July 27, 2003.

P.S. The log book went missing on this letterbox. I replaced it with a new one on 7/22/06.